Friday, March 31, 2023

Lakeforest Mall closes today

Blue snowflake entrance to Lakeforest Mall


I went to Lakeforest Mall at the end of February and posted pictures already. Today, however, is the last day it is open so I went back and took more photos. The mall will be redeveloped soon.

This is the Blue Snowflake entrance to Lakeforest mall. One of the four color coded seasonal entrances to the mall. This is at the food court, the old Sears was to the left.

A forlorn mall

Empty shops and kiosks at Lakeforest Mall, 701 Russell Ave, Gaithersburg, Maryland


There were more people than I expected at the mall. Most of them were walking around getting one last look at the mall, just like I was.  Lots of picture taking with cell phone cameras, some larger cameras, and even someone taking video on a tripod (a future documentary perhaps?)  Notable to me were the kids on roller skates making their way around the mall (but not very fast) and a young woman using a disposable film camera. That seemed very appropriate for the day.

Lakeforest Information booth

The old information booth in the central area of Lakeforest Mall. The glass elevator (still working) to the right.

Seating pit and sculpture

Outside each of the anchor stores was a sunken seating pit as well as a sculpture. This one is a shining, slightly twisted, non-descript shape rising up about a story and a half.

A zig-zag sculpture

A zig-zag of brushed chrome rising up out of the floor.

Marie's food spirts music

This brightly painted restaurant contrasts with the monotone colors of the rest of the mall.

Chi Chi's wall

The Chi Chi's at Lakeforest Mall closed about 20 years ago but nothing ever moved in to the space.  You can look in the windows and see part of the restaurant.

Goose don't care

The Canada Geese seem to like the mall closing and sit down in the middle of the road.

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