Friday, November 17, 2023

White Oak Apartments construction

I last mentioned the White Oak Apartments back in February. At that time they were in the process of demolishing the building.  Here it is November and they have made rapid progress.
 The building closest to the road is at it's full height and the roof is being put on. The buildings behind it have a ways to go.

This is on the site of the old Gannett USA Today National Customer Service Center located at 2240 Broadbirch Drive in Calverton, MD, though it sounds like the developers are optimistically considering it part of White Oak.

This will be a residential development with 359 units in a 5 story building and two buildings with two-over-two development that contain 28 units. There will also be some public open space on the left side of the lot. You can view the planning board presentation for White Oak Apartments here.

This is either a maximum security prison, or it is the parking garage of the 5 story building. If it is the latter, I would expect them to build the apartments around this core. I have seen that done in other places.